Penelope Polar’s Plastic Journey - Children's Book
Clare Beckett, Author

Penelope Polar’s Plastic Journey - Children's Book

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Penelope Polar’s Plastic Journey is a book about plastic pollution for children. Help children to understand the importance of reducing the use of plastic with Penelope Polar’s Plastic Journey. 

This paperback picture book will take your little one on the journey of a little polar bear whose home becomes polluted with plastic.

She leaves to find a new home, and along the way, people start to learn about why she is so far from her natural habitat and how they can help her.

It has been written in rhyme to keep it lighthearted for the younger age group - to keep their attention and to inspire. Ideal for children up to the age of 6.

The book will be sent to you in a cardboard book wrap which are specifically designed to safely transport books - they don't contain plastic.

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