Pinch Toys Doll's Bed
Pinch Toys Doll's Bed
Pinch Toys Doll's Bed
Pinch Toys Doll's Bed
Pinch Toys Doll's Bed
Pinch Toys Doll's Bed
Pinch Toys

Pinch Toys Doll's Bed

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With Pinch Toys, a toy becomes a multipurpose object that your child can use to play, decor their room and develop your their cognitive skills. Pinch Toys are more than just a toy. They are a beautiful work of art! Such beauty of design and handmade skill. 

The Doll's Bed encourages role play with children. Pretend play benefits all areas of development. By assuming roles and interacting with other children, kids practice language and social skills, including sharing, cooperation, helping, and problem solving. They learn the different roles people play and begin to see their own place in the world.

This lovely Doll's Bed has been carefully handmade and hand painted elements, using natural non-toxic materials. It is totally safe for your little ones to play with. It has an utterly decadently simple design and minimalistic shape. There are no sharp edges and it is totally free of harmful chemicals. This Pinch Toy has been lovingly designed, handmade and handpainted in Croatia, EU 

Pinch Toys packaging is eco-friendly and they aim to preserve natural resources and reduce plastic wastage. The toy comes in a fantastic little cardboard box which is not only simple and aesthetically pleasing but it’s made to be reusable, recyclable and biodegradable. Children also enjoy playing with the boxes, using their imagination to use the box in multiple inventive ways! The playfulness never ends!

handmade • handpainted • reusable • natural • simple

WOOD: linden
MAINTENANCE: In case of stains or scratches sand with a fine sandpaper. Avoid direct sunlight or high temperature exposure
PACKAGING: Cardboard box, made to be reusable and recyclable. Remove all tags and loose parts before giving to a child.
DIMENSIONS: Length: 49 cm, Width: 30 cm, Height: 33 cm
AGE: 18m+
CE certified

NOTE: Please allow up to 15 days for shipping as each item is made my hand, by order. Pinch doll bed requires a very easy assembly. Doll / dressing not included. 

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