Monochrome Sensory Range Muslin - Bamboo/Organic Cotton Swaddle

Monochrome Sensory Range Muslin - Bamboo/Organic Cotton Swaddle

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Used by many parents as a sensory muslin to stimulate their newborns, this lovely swaddle is part of a new sensory collection which is also ideal for visual development! 

A single pack of a 120x120cm swaddle muslin, with monochrome black swirl print.

Made from 70% Bamboo / 30% Organic Cotton

With its high contrast black and white design, the new MuslinZ Sensory range offers newborn babies the right kind of visual stimulation, to support their optic nerve development by encouraging them to focus.

Newborn babies can only focus on close up shapes and are not able to see colours (this usually develops between 2-4 months and only by 5 months will they see the full spectrum of colours) As a newborn baby’s brain is constantly developing during this period, high contrast black and white patterns are therefore easiest for them to see, to stimulate them and help with attention and focus.

Luxuriously soft with the qualities of Bamboo and the added strength of organic cotton, providing ultra- absorbency and wonderful softness against delicate skin
Perfect for swaddling newborn babies, for shielding when breastfeeding, burping and mopping up cloth or as a lightweight baby blanket.

They can be used as normal muslins for swaddling or general mopping up, feeding cover ups, burp cloths and as a comforter. It can even be used as a cloth nappy, as a playmat cover for tummy time, a cot or pram drape. They will not only engage, entertain and help baby in their visual development, they can be used practically, to mop up that little dribble!

Machine Washable at 40°C
Unlike other high street brands, there’s no wrinkling up or mis shaping after washing they just get softer!

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