Bright Young Things to start working with Plastic Free Baby!

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Plastic Free Baby - Bright Young Things


How exciting. I now have a brilliant group of four students from the University of Brighton working with me on marketing and PR for Plastic Free Baby. I must say, it's much needed :-) 

student-run marketing agency, Bright Young Things, gives students the experience of working in an agency environment and engaging in live client project work. 

Meet the team!... Joe Elgar, from Kent  /  Lea Schmid, from Zürich, Switzerland  /  Cam Anderson, from Chichester / Abbie Jones, from Banstead. Above is a pic of us all having our first meeting in Brighton. 

I am really really happy to be working with these lot. It's great to feel like a TEAM! They will be working with me for the next academic year, on various parts of my marketing and PR strategies. They already have some awesome ideas. 

The team are mentored by Dan Bennett of the University of Brighton

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