Milk delivered in glass! - Granny Morrish, Plastic Free Living Novice (Laura's mum!)

Today, we got our first milk delivery in glass bottles. Didn’t hear it being delivered, he must have crept up the drive. The milk / orange juice bottles are glass, so good so far. The smoked cheese came wrapped in a dinky little cloth bag which was encouraging, until we found the inevitable shrink wrap plastic inside. I guess that there is always going to be a tension between delivering things fresh and fit for purpose and the attempt to move away from plastics. Maybe we should all start to accept that without plastics things might be a little more beaten up and last less time. Personally, I wouldn't mind that.

To keep the milk fresh in the fridge we ordered ‘ milk tops’, they are silicone and this confuses me a bit. Is silicone a ‘ bad’ plastic? Will it degrade or will it just add to landfill? Certainly its not single use, but I think actually that a small square of waxed cloth pressed over the bottle would work just as well in the long run. I use waxed cloth wraps on my cheese all the time and I think it actually keeps the cheese much fresher. 

Granny Morrish (Laura's mum)

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