Granny Morrish (Laura's mum!) - Plastic Free living novice!

I was a ‘child of the 70’s’ and plastic everything was the new good, especially if you had a young family. Babies bottles could be cleaned more easily than glass ones, children’s toys could be bleached in the sink, food storage boxes, we were promised, would last “for ever”.

Forever, as we now know, is clearly the problem. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and now as a Millennial Granny I am trying to do what I can to reduce the amount of plastic around myself and my family.

It’s hard, demanding quite a mind shift from those of us who were sold plastic as the answer to our prayers. But, as they say, one plastic straw at a time.

Today, we’ve just changed from buying milk in large plastic bottles at the supermarket back to a good old crack of dawn, to glass bottles on the doorstep milkman delivery. More expensive? Yes, a bit but I guess we can each do what we can afford to reduce plastic production and the amount going into landfill.

Our new modern milkman, called Bob, we are told when registering, will also happily deliver bread and eggs and such in his little electric milk float, so that also stops us needing to use the car for a quick journey down to the local shops and back, which I’m thinking can only be a good thing too.

Granny Morrish - Plastic Free living novice! (and Laura's mum!)

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