9th day of Christmas


On the 9th day of Christmas

Each day I’ll be telling you about a special Plastic Free Gift Set available via www.plasticfree.baby  and a little statistic about why it’s so important to go plastic free this Christmas.


Why go plastic free?

Growing literature links many Phthalates, which are a group of chemicals used to make plastics more flexible and harder to break, with a variety of adverse outcomes including weight gain and insulin resistance, decreased levels of sex hormones, and other consequences for the human reproductive system both for females and males.  (from earthday.org)




Photographed - Plastic Free SENDING SUNSHINE CARE PACKAGE Gift Set 



Send some sunshine!

What an amazing idea! We all need a little sunshine in our lives and this gift set delivers that in a totally earth friendly way. Available in three different product combinations, including soothing toxic free balm, or delightful smelling gentle calming chamomile soap, or with a silky soft muslin cloth; they are all complimented by a lovely hand crafted ceramic sunshine to delight and lift the spirits of the lucky recipient. The perfect way to tell someone "You are the sunshine of my life". 



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