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Meet an Eco Parent!

Meet Amy, from Cambridgeshire, UK

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Meet an Eco Parent! This is the another post in our very special "Meet an Eco Parent" series, which gives you a chance to meet a parent from the UK who considers themselves an 'eco parent' or a 'green parent'; those parents who really think about sustainable impacts when raising their children, and are dedicated to their families and to the environment.

Thank you to Amy for answering these questions!

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Tell me a little bit about yourself and your family

I am a mum of two boys, a toddler and a newborn. I live in a quiet village with my husband & children.

What does a day in your life look like?

Usually I work 4.5 a week as a Marketing Director but am currently enjoying maternity leave.

Would you describe yourself as an ‘eco parent’ or a ‘green parent’?

A bit of both! I just try to make as little impact on the environment and live as sustainably as possible.

What is your top eco hack for babies / kids / family?

Theres no one thing, more a series of lots of small things. Nappies are probably the biggest thing for us as we would be creating so much waste if we used disposables. Reusables are so easy now and no extra hassle. They are also really coming into their own now with baby 2 as we don’t have to spend a single penny on nappies.

Whenever there’s anything we need I look to find the most sustainable version. This could be something reusable instead of disposable, something wooden instead of plastic or buying secondhand instead of new.

Do you have any advice for parents hoping to avoid plastics (and other materials with toxins) in baby / family products?

Do your research and be wary of greenwashing. I once was looking for a new duvet and saw many claiming to be 100% bamboo but when looking further into it only the outer lining was bamboo - the inside was still polyester.

Do you talk to other parents about your own sustainable choices?

Yes I do and lots of other parents seem to be looking to live more sustainably which is great. I’ve received lots of great tips from other parents too.


What is the biggest challenge that you face as an ‘eco’ parent?

Greenwashing. So many companies are jumping on the bandwagon now but without actually being any more eco friendly than before.

What are your favourite eco friendly baby / family products?

We use Totsbots nappies, Cheeky Wipes reusable wipes. I buy clothes, toys and books secondhand which saves money as well as being better for the planet. I pick up a lot on Facebook marketplace which was especially handy when my toddler moved into his ‘big boy bedroom’. Most of his furniture was bought (or free) secondhand from people on Facebook.

Do you have any advice for parents who want to raise an ‘eco’ baby / child?

Just stop and consider the purchases you make. Is there a more sustainable version of what you need or could what you are doing be done a different way? Could you buy the item secondhand? Small changes soon add up so making just small switches here and there can make a big difference.

What is the best thing about being a parent?

Seeing your children smile, laugh and develop into their own personalities. They make me smile and laugh every day

Has being a parent changed you?

Definitely! I wasn’t particularly maternal before but the love I have for my children is on another level to anything I’ve felt before. It’s also made me appreciate the smaller things in life and I’ve realised I’m a lot more patient than I thought I would be!

How do you pass along advice for sustainable living to your family / child(ren)?

By creating habits that will become normal to them.

Anything else you’d like say?

Don’t try to change everything at once. There’s still a few more switches I’d like to make at home but it can be overwhelming if you try to do it all at once. Start somewhere, even if it’s as simple as buying a bamboo toothbrush and build on it from there.


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