DIY with a 17 month year old :-)

Today, Finn my 17 month old "helped me" put up our ChildHome Wooden Clothing Stand Tipi  With Finn getting bigger, his clothes were starting to outgrow the drawers that his teeny weeny baby clothes used to fit in, so this product seemed a perfect addition. 

It was really easy to put together, even with assistance underfoot from Finn. Have a look at the photos below of us putting it together! Of course the cardboard box that the Clothing Stand was delivered in made a perfect car park for all Finn's toy cars!! ha ha. The instructions were incredibly straight forward and very visual, and all in all took about 30 minutes for me to put up by hand. The tricky bit for me was getting it up the stairs on my own when Finn was kipping.... should've made it upstairs in the first place! Didn't think that through!!...

ChildHome are a lovely Belgium company that have some beautiful plastic-free and low plastic options, with Belgian design, for children's bedrooms and nurseries. 

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