Plastic Free Back To School ideas

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Plastic Free Back To School ideas

Just today my niece has gone off for her first day at secondary school. Our whole family are so proud of her. Going back to school after such a long period off school, and to go back to a completely new school, it’s quite a big deal - she’s taken it in her stride, and I’m sure she’s had a really brilliant first day back and first day of ‘big school’. 

My niece, and in fact all of my lovely family, are always giving me lots of ideas about plastic free products for babies, children and the whole family. I haven’t experienced having a child go to school as yet, so I am trying to remember back to a time that I went, and also drawing on their experiences of me & my siblings going to school, and my nieces more recently attending school, to what they need as everyday items at school. And then trying my best to find plastic free, eco friendly alternatives to those must have items! 

Here are a few ideas to lessen the environmental impact of the ‘back to school’ phase of the year…

  1. Bamboo Lunchbox - having taught school children in the past, I found that the most vital and memorable part of the day is the FOOD! :-) So, instead of using single use tupperware or plastic lunchboxes with potentially toxic chemicals, why not consider a beautiful bamboo lunchbox? The base is made from stainless steel and the lid is handmade from bamboo. An absolute must have for eating zero waste on the move and it is super lightweight making it very suitable for travelling. Great for kids packed lunches or for taking on picnics, too. 

2)  Vegan wax wraps, for sandwiches - reducing plastic waste starts with a homemade snack or sandwich, and wrapping it up in a reusable wax wrap! I use these almost every day for my son’s nursery sandwiches, and they’re perfect for kids lunchboxes. The DIY Wax Wrap Kit, to make your own wax wraps, contains 3 cotton squares for waxing, instructions, waxing mixture and wooden spreading spatula. The waxing mix contains candelilla wax, pine resin, and jojoba oil, and is 100% vegan. 

3) School Bag - Finding a lovely and stylish plastic free bag made from 100% organic cotton as a school bag - not easy, but here’s a couple of options. This gym bag is the perfect fit for after school and nursery activities. It also works brilliantly as a plastic free baby changing bag, of which there are very few on the market. Made from soft organic cotton, this timeless piece is both practical and fashionable. Also - I love a tote bag! And this Fabelab Large Tote Bag is the perfect fit for using as a changing bag, to put bits and bobs in at the beach, for the school run, and much more. 

4) Plastic Free Hair Ties - Worry about what happens to those abandoned plastic hairbands? No more! These scrunchies are designed for kids hair (and big kids too!). Available in ginghams, perfect for school uniforms. Each scrunchies is naturally plastic free and entirely biodegradable. Made entirely from cotton and natural elastic material. Wonderful! 

5) Stainless Steel Bottle - PANDA's super sustainable, reusable bottle holds up to 500ml of your favourite liquids keeping them cool for up to 24 hours. The lid is a screw top made from bamboo to ensure no liquid escapes when you're not looking. No horrid plastic bottles full of BPA yucky chemicals which can seep into the water. Yuck! 

6) Life Balm - this is one for parents to keep in their bag, for the school pick up, when your ‘little' one runs towards you pointing to a scuffed knee or a bruised elbow, from a bump and tumble on the school playground. The no nonsense ALL ROUNDER for those on the go! This Unisex Coconut Bee's LIFE BALM is exactly that! From bruises to dry skin, chapped lips to scars this little beauty does the lot. Specially developed to hydrate whilst promoting healing this all natural organic blend will be your new backpack essential! 

Good luck to everyone who goes back to school this week!

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