Raising Little Green Kids - International Polar Bear Day


With everything going on in the world currently, from lockdowns to climate change, it’s important to give our children hope and a reason to look forward to the future! This new generation of children will be inevitably bearing the impact of serious climate change in the years to come, and it is never too late to start making a difference and instil resilience in your children... together with the feeling that, in their own way, they can make a big impact on the world in so many ways!

TALKING TOGETHER - One way to do so is by being open and honest as a parent and educating your children about the effects of climate change. Find out what they already know, start the conversation early and keep it going as this shouldn’t be treated as a one-and-done conversation. Keep it relevant to them and their world - International Polar Bear Day on Saturday 27th Feb 2021, for instance, can get you and your child chatting together casually about the issues through a friendly chat about familiar wildlife, without it being too scary or overwhelming! 

READING TOGETHER - Reading is one of the most important activities that you can do with your child. It sparks their creativity and curiosity about the world, it helps your child learn about the different parts of the world and especially helps with building their focus, creativity and communication skills. It's so good, in so many ways. Reading with your child has benefits for you as a parent too, it helps to build a strong bond and relationship with your child. Today, a reader. Tomorrow, a leader!

MAKE A CHANGE TOGETHER - My son, now aged 3, is just starting to show an interest in the bin! We are beginning to talk about the different sections of the bin, and which things can go in which bin (recycling, general & compost), and why. Let your child take the lead, and see if they can start to work out which bit of waste goes where; there will much joy in selecting the right bin for the waste, and the act of throwing will start them thinking at a really young age, about where their rubbish goes. 

JOIN IN EVENTS TOGETHER - This year International Polar Bear day are hosting a range of polar bear related events and activities which would be a good way to entertain and inform kids this weekend, perhaps on a slow Sunday morning together.  

As today is International Polar Bear Day, now would be a great time to spark a conversation with your child about the impacts on climate warming on animals.

Through my Plastic Free Baby shop, you can find a variety of children’s books all about climate change and the effects of plastic on our environment. They are perfect for educating your children in a fun and engaging way and encourage them to be more contributive to helping the environment!



“Penelope Polar’s Plastic Journey” is about plastic pollution and the importance of reducing the use of plastic. It is written in rhyme to keep it lighthearted for the young ones and to keep their attention. It is ideal for children up to the age of 6.



The other polar bear related book is Hunter’s Icy Adventure book, which is signed by the author, Ellie Jackson. This book revolves around the issues of ocean plastic, palm oil and climate change. It is an inspiring and positive true story about the negative impacts of climate change with a happy ending!


Do you talk to your children about environmental issues? What are your hints and tips?!

Thanks for reading,

Plastic Free Baby founder 

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