Towards a plastic free Festival with my baby!

Last weekend I went to Glastonbury Festival with Finn, my brother and sister-in-law. Finn currently aged 18 months! I must say just taking a toddler to Glastonbury was a challenge enough without having to consider being plastic free too. But I decided we needed to try!

Glastonbury made it easier this year to go plastic free by offering Water Aid stations throughout their massive site, and therefore across Glastonbury more than a million single-use plastic bottles were avoided. Good. I hope more Festivals follow suit, and indeed the lovely Festival that I work for in Deal (Deal Music and Arts) has for the first year got reusable water bottles for all artists, and has biodegradable plastic cups for the first time, for interval drinks. Also good.

I took with me Finn's favourite Narwhal biodegradable dinner set, which are light and good for eating when on a campsite because, like plastic, they don't break when dropped.

I also took along with us an all-in-one body and shampoo solid soap, which was great as I didn't have to take loads of weighty bottles for us both.   

I often use reusable nappies at home, but at a hot sweaty Festival I thought biodegradable disposable nappies were probably the best idea! Pull ups, for on-the-move bum changes. 

And for picnic lunches, I took some pretty muslins to sit on, to go around his neck and to be generally useful for all sorts of things throughout the Festival!

A wonderful special appearance from Sir David Attenborough at the Festival, too! Wow, he's a hero of mine and many of us.   

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