1st Day of Christmas

Each day I’ll be telling you about a special Plastic Free Gift Set available via www.plasticfree.baby and a little statistic about why it’s so important to go plastic free this Christmas.

Why go plastic free?

Plastic has a potentially hazardous impact on human and animal life. It is now thought that 80% of teenagers have BPA (Bisphenol A) in their bodies: BPA is a chemical added to some plastics (particularly polycarbonate) to make it particularly sturdy (since the 1950s). BPA has been linked with diabetes, infertility, heart disease, liver toxicity... BPA when in the human body acts in a similar way to oestrogen, meaning that the endocrine system, the regulation of hormones, is put at risk.

Photo featuring - the Plastic Free Christmas Set for Her


A delightful Christmas gift for environmentally conscious mums everywhere! This set contains an array of high quality environmentally conscious pamper goodies. An all natural toxin free soothing skin balm will protect and cherish her skin, a stunning natural stone power bracelet and to top it all off for the festival season a charming little hand crafted ceramic Christmas tree. Perfect for mums, nans, aunties, cousins or special girl friends this Christmas.


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