Sending a care package is about the nicest thing EVER. During lockdown 1.0 2020, I received a care package from a dear friend of mine. It was such a welcome surprise and so thoughtful too. Every time I use the moisturiser he got me, I think of him. My mum, sister and family are always sending my son and me care packages of various forms and sorts too, as well as from lovely neighbours during lockdown. Warm fuzzy!

I got thinking that now is the time that people want to send, and certainly like to receive, a little something in the post to tell them that they are loved.

Care packages have been around since World War II and get their name from the humanitarian organisation Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere (CARE for short). They were intended as provisions, first and foremost, but as care and comfort for their soldier recipients too. They contained items that were thoughtful, useful, delightful or delicious, or a combination of all of those things. A care package from 1948 contained one pound of honey, one pound of fruit preserves, two pounds of sugar and one CRU water bottle amongst other things - sounds good to me! 

Inspired by generations of women putting together carefully thought through packages, of treats and treasures, to those who are in need of a boost or support, I have put together a series of Gift Sets intended to spread the love. 

Plastic Free Baby has now launched a series of Plastic Free Gift Sets. Including…


I really hope you love the Gift Sets as much as I’ve loved putting them together. 

Send a plastic free care package to your friend that has just become a Mummy, to your son who is potty training their toddler, to your loved one who is weaning their baby, or to a brand new little bundle of joy who has just been born.

Thanks to all my followers, readers and customers for all your support. I’d really appreciate it if you could please help me spread the word!   

Send this link to someone who might like to buy one! 

Send to someone you know who is pregnant, has a little one, or is doing weaning or potty training right now! Spread the love! 

Thank you everyone. 

Laura x


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