A Plastic Free Veganuary

It's Veganuary 2021!

I am aiming for a plant based January - but that doesn’t begin and end with what’s on my plate. I am also looking to the cosmetics that I use on myself and my child…

Veganuary is a non-profit organisation that encourages people worldwide to try vegan for January and beyond. Veganuary as a campaign suggests moving to a plant-based diet and way of life as a way of protecting the environment, preventing animal suffering, and improving the health of millions of people. I’m all for that!

If you sign up to Veganuary then they will send you loads of really helpful guides, blogs, recipes and meal planning ideas. But what about the other products that you have in your house - are the balms and soaps that you use on your family also vegan?

Let’s take a look at some Plastic Free Baby products which are vegan and plant based … and of course plastic-free! You can search for vegan products on the Plastic Free Baby shop, by going to the drop down menu ‘Shop by values’ and selecting Vegan.


The Solid Bar Company
Calendula Organic Vegan Nappy Rash Cream

The best protection you can get for your baby’s delicate skin is with this Calendula Vegan Nappy Rash Cream. This is so beautiful to apply, and REALLY works. I use it on my son, and it it's like a miracle! I have used other Nappy Rash Creams in the past, but have always struggled to find one that works really well AND that is a plastic free Nappy Rash Cream. This ticks both boxes. AND it's vegan and organic! It is a gentle and effective organic nappy rash cream that will help keep rashes, itches and inflammation at bay. It is quite normal for babies and toddlers to experience and develop skin rashes in particular nappy rashes - as a parent of course you want to find the best nappy rash cream to relieve their discomfort fast.


Tabitha Eve
DIY Wax Wrap Kit

The perfect gift for the eco conscious, crafty person in your life who is looking to reduce their plastic use. Kit contains 3 cotton squares for waxing, instructions, waxing mixture and wooden spreading spatula. The waxing mix contains candelilla wax, pine resin, and jojoba oil, and is vegan.


The Coconut Bee
Off The Lip - Set of 2 Vegan Lip Balms

These Aloe & Peppermint and luxurious Rose & Seaweed lip balms have been specially developed to naturally moisturise and soften lips without the use of beeswax or petrolatum. Using Candelilla Wax as an ultra conditioning alternative, this organic chemical free blend will become your new best friend. I keep these vegan and plastic free little balms in my handbag - it's like applying a little bit of mindful luxury every time!


The Solid Bar Company
Chamomile Flower & Oatmeal Castile Vegan Mummy & Baby Soap

Gentle plastic free soap that's perfect for mum, baby and all the family.
If you or someone in your family have sensitive skin then this is the perfect gentle soap for you. Unscented and infused with Chamomile Flowers and Oatmeal this creamy, lathering and highly moisturising vegan soap will soothe your skin like no other. Created in small hand-made batches we guarantee that The Solid Bar Company do not use palm oil, SLS, parabens or any other nasty chemicals in their soaps.


Whipped Butters for Baby & Mummy - Pack of 2

Butterwhips are all natural, handmade and cruelty free organic moisturisers, formulated for 1 month plus and for mummy bump care.
Fairtrade - Cruelty Free - Sustainable. Free from palm oil, synthetic additives, and animal derivatives.

And lastly!...

Look out for a new Vegan recipe in the coming days from Rebecca at The Solid Bar Company, who kindly gave me a recipe for Vegan Body Butter, for mums, babies and everyone really! It’s coming soon, so watch this space. 

Happy Veganuary!

Are you trying a plant based diet and way of life this January?

What changes have you made?

What has been the hardest thing?

Best wishes,


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