Make Your Own... Bump, Baby & Body Butter


Make Your Own… Bump, Baby & Body Butter

It’s still Veganuary, and there are still ways that we all can find ways of being more plant-based in 2021.

I promised in my last Blog that I would share a recipe with you, given to me by the wonderful Rebecca at The Solid Bar Company.

The Solid Bar Company makes the most luxurious, planet-friendly, organic and vegan toiletries, and we offer a lovely range of The Solid Bar Company’s products, and these sustainable and naturally-derived products feature in many of our special Plastic Free Gift sets. Their products include…


Sleep Easy Balm 

Soothing Vegan Skin, Bump & Baby Balm 

Chamomile Flower & Oatmeal Castile Vegan Mummy & Baby Soap 


Rebecca was very kind to send me this lovely recipe for a Body Butter, which I’ve titled “Bump, Baby and Body Butter” as it’s good for all the family. She was also so very kind as to send me some dried calendula flowers, which she grows herself for her products. How brilliant.


I’ve also created a video of this recipe too:


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