Attention all green parents!

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I'm Laura from Plastic Free Baby.

I'm just a mum. A mum albeit who is conscious about the impact that we have on the environment. A 'green' mum, you might say. But I'm always keen to learn. I am always interested to speak with other eco-minded 'green' parents, to learn what their eco-hacks are, how they go about reducing plastic consumption, and how they go about minimising their family's impact on the environment. I am particularly interested to hear about what choices eco-parents are making limit the negative impacts of plastic and other materials loaded with toxins on their families and children, which is so hard to avoid when buying for your family and children.


I am looking for eco-minded green parents to interview to feature on this blog! This is an opportunity to share with other parents your eco hacks and advice for sustainable parenting... AND you'll get a free gift from the Plastic Free Baby shop (or a voucher if you would prefer!) by offering your time.

All I need is for you to answer around 6 - 8 questions, either written down or we could have a quick 15 minute chat on the phone!

Let me know if you are interested in featuring on the Plastic Free Baby blog, by getting back to me via email: 

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