Going Zero Waste This September

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This September we are launching some new products as part of the new Plastic-Free Baby Zero Waste range!

It’s Zero Waste week from 5th-9th September 2022, and we are celebrating all things zero waste, all September long.

With the Plastic-Free Baby shop and blog, I am always seeking ways to cut down our ecological footprint. It isn’t enough that all of the Plastic-Free Baby products are totally plastic-free. We all need to go further and do more for the environment. 

With this in mind, I’ve launched our new Zero Waste collection, which includes …

  • imperfect items that would otherwise not be able to be sold… 
  • products with recycled materials…
  • recyclable products (or biodegradable / compostable)…
  • reusable products which prevent the need for single use items
  • and lastly our ‘leftovers’ products made from materials that would otherwise go to waste. 



Imperfect - Recycled - Recyclable - Reusable - Leftovers



“Imperfect” collection:

These are brand new to Plastic Free Baby for Zero Waste September! These beautiful Tabitha Eve products are totally usable products, but have been made with tiny errors or blips. They say that “we are a team of humans. We make human type mistakes. We also believe in not throwing anything away that is ultimately useable but might not be the perfect product” - you can benefit from buying a very similar product at real discount prices, at the same time as feeling virtuous for preventing perfectly usable items from going to waste unnecessarily. They go on to explain that “We may have slipped up that day, they may the the "wrong" size or made from a different fabric, one of our team may have been practising making something new or perhaps we cut the fabric the wrong size or the stitching isn't quite right. All our seconds are totally usable, they just aren't as pretty or uniform as we'd like.”

Here’s a lovely example: https://plasticfree.baby/products/reusable-bamboo-flannel-imperfect-zero-waste-product - A reusable bamboo flannel; a beautifully soft, plastic-free, reusable cloth which is biodegradable, and is an “imperfect” product by Tabitha Eve. 

We often also have “imperfect” biodegradable plastic-free potties which are perfectly usable, but have tiny flaws in the material that they are made from, leading to tiny spots of discolouration - find them here. https://plasticfree.baby/products/biodegradable-potty-in-3-colours?_pos=3&_sid=5d2ed8d0f&_ss=r 



Recycled collection:


By using recycled materials in products, we can consume less raw or ‘virgin’ materials, thus lowering our environmental impacts, and also giving the chance for existing materials to have a new life beyond their original use. Many Plastic Free Baby products are chosen because they are inherently eco-friendly and because their materials are from recycled sources.

These lovely organic eco trousers are awesome, and my son loved his pair when he was young enough to wear them! https://plasticfree.baby/products/organic-cotton-eco-trousers?_pos=60&_sid=589499259&_ss=r 

They100% organic cotton linen pleated trousers have been sourced using recycled organic cotton. They provide a lovely combination of warmth and breathability at the same time as making minimal impact on our planet. 


Recyclable collection:

This is a no-brainer. Products which can be easily recycled, are biodegradable or compostable are surely the way forward?!? Although each of these processes is different, the impact can be the same - when recycled, biodegraded or composted correctly, products can be considered zero-waste. This is an important aspect of all Plastic Free Baby products. Some best-selling examples, include the Solid Bar company balms, which have 100% plastic free packaging, and the tin is fully recyclable. These plastic-free biodegradable potties, ideal for eco-friendly potty training, are a great example of this too.


Reusable collection:

It makes all the sense in the world to track back as far as we can on using anything at all that is single-use, let alone just single-use plastics. Our environmental impact will be lessened if we simply have reusables as part of our everyday lives - in some cases we have these in place at home already of course (plates, cutlery, bed linen) but we need to remind ourselves of other things that are easy to reuse. Such as toilet wipes, hand wipes, nappies, sanitary pads, breast pads, nail polish remover pads, make-up remover pads, to name but a few! These reusable plastic-free make up pads are the ideal combination of being reusable and also in the (aforementioned) imperfect zero waste collection. 


Leftovers collection:

When so many products are made, factories can end up with waste and materials which in most cases can be thrown away. Plastic Free Baby sources companies that have decided to change that production process significantly, but aiming to use up waste products and waste materials. Take these lovely fabric rattles by Fabelab, for example, which use every inch of fabric waste material from their other collections. They are cute, and also demonstrate a refreshing mindset about sustainability, reducing waste and recycling, all at the same time! 




I’d love to hear what you are doing for Zero Waste Week in September this year! 


All the best,
Laura - Plastic Free Baby founder

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