Be my plastic-free Valentine; plastic free Valentine's day ideas

Valentine's Day is creeping ever nearer and with it the need to surprise loved ones with a token of our affections. 

How about we make this Valentine's Day all about giving a gift from the heart, that doesn't cost the Earth? We need to all do our bit to avoid plastics and single use plastic when buying gifts for loved ones, and Valentine's Day is no different.

I've come up with a few Valentine's gift idea and suggestions for you, for whomever you may be sharing your Valentine's Day with this year. I for one will be sharing the day with my beautiful son, and I shall be doing activity suggestion 2, 3 and 4 on the list with him this Valentine's Day :-)


4 Plastic Free Valentine's Day Ideas


1) Plastic Free Valentine's Gift Set

If you're looking for a beautifully curated and carefully packaged plastic free Valentine's gift set, then look no further! This is Plastic Free Baby's BRAND NEW Plastic Free Valentine's Gift Set, with 3 different product options so you can select the perfect gift set.

This gender neutral Plastic Free Valentine's Gift Set is the perfect surprise for your eco minded partner. It is also totally vegan friendly too! 

The set includes product options including Rooba Aromatherapy Stone (Rooba), handcrafted ceramic heart dish and artisan hanging hearts by ceramicist Jenny Morrish, Soothing Vegan Skin Balm  by The Solid Bar Company, and (Artisan maker, Jenny Morrish). Give a lasting token of your love that will endure the years, unlike the wasteful alternative such as cut flowers wrapped in single use plastic...

Other gift options from Plastic Free Baby include...

Healing & Nurturing Green Jasper Stone Bracelet

Handcrafted artisan hanging ceramic hearts


2) Valentine's Walk

Use Sunday 14th February as the perfect opportunity for a Valentine's Day walk with your loved one. Go to a spot where you will be dazzled by natural beauty, to make it really romantic or just really memorable and cosy. My son and I plan to go to our favourite local forest with our dog, Geoffrey. Sounds like an amazing Valentine's morning plan to me! Give the gift of quality TIME together.


3) Curate a Valentine's playlist and listen together

Dancing together is the best! And it's plastic free :-) Curate your own favourite tracks, turn the volume up loud, hold hands and DANCE! There's nothing better to connect, have fun and forget about the madness of the world at the moment. Do it! You'll feel great.


4) Send a plastic-free Valentine's gift to your child or grandchild

My mum is married to a lovely Canadian, and she tells me that Canadian grandparents and parents give Valentine's gifts to their grandchildren / children, too!

What a lovely idea... !

My son loves a "special treat" as he calls them, and he loves ANY excuse for a party and presents! So, for this Valentine's Day I will be getting him a plastic-free toy to celebrate the day. I haven't quite decided what I'll be getting him yet, but the shortlist is as follows:

Natural rubber farm animals - these are in sets of Mummy and baby animals, which is just lovely, and sums up what Valentine's Day is about for us.

Hunter's Icy Adventure Book - my friend and I were just talking the other day about the experience of bonding with our children when reading with them. There really is no more special thing to do together really, and so it seems fitting to get him a new book on Valentine's Day.

Plastic Free Stainless Steel Water Bottle - my son is a big fan of our outward bounds adventures to the beach and forest. He has a little stainless steel water bottle, but has grown up now and keeps getting so thirsty when we're out and about that I might need to get him the bigger version! This one by Panda Packaging will certainly make him feel proudly like a "big boy" when we are out and about on our walks.


What other ideas do you have for you and yours this Valentine's Day?

Have a heart this Valentine's Day... give a gift from your heart which is also eco friendly and plastic free.

Warm wishes,

Laura, Founder of Plastic Free Baby



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