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Here's the lovely team of University of Brighton students, who give me a much needed helping hand with marketing for Plastic Free Baby. They are an industrious and hard-working group, and are full of ideas for ways to engage with my existing customers and customers to be. They have been working really hard on the front end social media campaigning since the beginning of their academic year in 2020, as well as developing a plan for the strategic development of my marketing campaigning. They have been instrumental in devising a new Plastic Free Baby aesthetic, which is properly launching this week on our social media channels in particular, and I hope that you like it.

They are nearing the end of their academic year with me, and have done some brilliant work, so I thought it was about time that everyone met them and heard from them directly! They are also launching their new brand aesthetic, so I wanted to give a spotlight to them for all their hard work.

LENAH: "Working with Plastic Free Baby was a part of my assessment in content, copy and creative module in Brighton university. I have worked with Laura for 6 month since october 2020. Laura is a great person that I have learned from her many things and it was a wonderful experience. I was responsible for a plastic free baby account on facebook and also i have written some blogs that relate to her products. Moreover, we did with her different campaigns such as “swaps” to show people how to  swap  the plastic product into non- plastic products and how it impacts the environment. Also, Laura loved to share with her customers and followers her own experience for using plastic free baby products! Which is something I loved about it. I really like the way that she markets her products and celebrates each event such as mothers day, valentines day and pancake day on her own way! She really cares about her customers by offering them discounts. Moreover, I really like the way that she designs her product and her images that she posts on facebook and instagram. Last thing, I really recommend you guys to buy from plastic free baby products which could be for your baby, members of your family or to your house!"

TALA-MARIA: "Hello everyone! My name is Tala-Maria and I have been working with Laura and Plastic Free Baby since September 2020. It has been a crazy and unpredictable year so far but somehow we’ve managed to create a little team of enthusiastic individuals to take on everything to do with the marketing behind Plastic Free Baby. I have been creating content and posting on Plastic Free Baby’s social media platforms and we have decided to begin with rebranding the brand’s aesthetic. We will be posting engaging and informative content to spread awareness about the dangers of plastic on you and your baby’s health, and why you should purchase your plastic free baby products at Plastic Free Baby! Stay tuned for more exciting things coming your way!"

ALICE: "Hi! My name is Alice and I joined Plastic Free Baby in March of this year to increase my experience in client work for my marketing management degree. Plastic Free Baby was a great choice for me as I love all things eco-friendly and doing anything I can to positively impact the world around me. Since joining the team, I have helped create content for our social medias as well as come up with ideas on how to improve the website. It didn’t take long for me to get into the swing of things after joining the team late and very quickly I was helping write blogs for the company and inputting ideas during our team meetings. I’m eager to see the growth of the company and tackle any challenges that lay ahead of us."


I'd like to conclude by saying a HUGE thank you to Tala-Maria, Lenah and Alice for all their continued efforts and creativity this year. It's been a joy and privilege to work alongside you.


Founder, Plastic Free Baby

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