Countdown to Plastic-Free Picnics with friends


With warmer weather rolling in and lighter evenings, who else is desperately and urgently yearning for those days of sunny picnics with friends in the park or in your garden? It's SO close!! It's nearly here!! Can almost taste it!!

Boris announced that on March 29th the rule of 6 will return so this means that friends and family can meet in groups of no more than 6 people. A friend sent me this excellent countdown website, for your reference! :-) 

Those of us with children under 5 are particularly excited about this, and have all written it in our diaries, because under 5's are not counted in the 6. It means that for the first time in what feels like forever, we can sit down in a park or garden with the adult company of fellow mums, whilst our children contentedly play with their under 5 mates! AMAZING!

So it’s time to start planning for Spring outings with you, your little one and your friends. We have all been cooped up indoors for too long so it’s time to get out there and celebrate nature and conversation once again!

With Easter weekend coming up too, I decided to compile a list of eco-friendly, plastic-free "on the go" essentials to take with you in your backpack for your conversation-filled afternoons with your friends and your baby or your Under 5!



1) Cotton muslin swaddles - These 100% cotton muslin swaddles are perfect for on the go swaddling, burping, covering when breastfeeding, shielding from the Spring sun and much more. These particular wraps have a tighter weave so are more absorbent, durable, super soft and multipurpose so will save storage on your adventures outdoors! They can even be used as a cloth when you're out and about - I regularly still take them out with my 3 year old!




2) Aromatherapy stone - This essential oil diffuser is superb for on-the-go relaxation for you and your baby, it requires no flame or electricity, just a few drops of your favourite (baby-safe) essential oil. This stone is great for when babies are in unfamiliar surroundings as you can bring the reassuring smells of home with you. It comes in a small, recyclable, tin for easy transportation and storage. Best used in areas with a slight breeze so perfect for outings with other mums and their babies!



3) Boys and Girls Little Cotton Undies - Take the stress away from little accidents and throw a few pairs of these 100% cotton undies into your bag. During potty training, accidents are bound to happen, so these breathable and colourful undies from Bright Bot are essential for outings, and can easily be tucked into a bag or pocket.




4) Disposable Biodegradable Travel Potty in Recycled Cardboard - This biodegradable travel potty is perfect for popping in your bag, its small enough to fit in your purse or pocket so an absolute must have for outdoor adventures when nature calls during potty training. The super absorbent pad, which is responsible for absorption of liquids and odours, is biodegradable and is made of recycled cardboard. Its super easy to use, just unfold, use and fold it back up.



5) Plastic Free Baby Natural Cotton Drawstring BagI love using this cotton drawstring tote bag for outings with my son, it fits all the essentials in, and the straps are so handy for handsfree traveling. It is machine washable so don’t worry if it gets a little bit dirty at the park. I especially enjoy the drawstring feature to keep my items secure and safe when on the move!



6) Muslin Bandana BibThese bibs are an absolute must for your baby, so useful to keep your little one clean when out with friends and it's harder to clean them up. They are made from 100% cotton and are so stylish and gorgeous! Your baby will stay clean, dry, smiling and CUTE! These bibs come in a pack of 2 so just throw both into your cotton drawstring tote bag - happy baby, happy mummy.



7) Plastic Free Organic Cotton Kids Snack Bag - No outdoor adventure is complete without a picnic! And what better way to put a smile on your child’s face than with this bunny shaped snack bag, perfect for carrying sandwiches and other tasty treats. Impress your friends with its minimal design and high functionality as it can also be used for carrying toys, dummies and much more! 

I hope you enjoyed my top picks, but I hope EVEN MORE that you have a BRILLIANT time with your pals, come March 29th! Enjoy!


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