Plastic-Free Potty Training

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Did you know that there is a way to go plastic-free whilst potty-training!?!?

That's right!

There's a plastic-free alternative to the normal plastic potty that we all know and recognise so well. And why stop at just the potty!...

Here are some eco-friendly potty training tips that are also plastic-free meaning that they are good for the environment and free of harmful chemicals for your little ones.

THE POTTY - You don't just have to get a plastic potty, there are now plastic free alternatives available that are fully biodegradable such as this colourful eKoala biodegradable potty. This plastic-free potty is THE best seller in my plastic free shop! And I can understand why... it's super! 

THE PANTS - Little ones get through a LOT of undies when potty training, so you need to prepare by getting in lots of little pairs of pants! Make sure that the pants are made of 100% natural materials, such as these Bright Bots undies, so that it not only limits microfibres getting into the waterways, but it also means that only natural materials are next to your little one's skin, so it is breathable, hygienic and so that they wash well. 

THE POOP - I can't imagine how much money I've saved and how many baby wipes I've prevented going into landfill simply by making the eco-friendly and plastic-free swap to using reusable bum wipes, such as these bamboo terry wipes.

THE POCKET POTTY - If you don't fancy taking your main potty around with you, how about a biodegradable disposable potty? Like this one by TRON, made from recycled cardboard. When you are out and about, going for a family walk or going camping, then this disposable biodegradable travel potty is perfect to pop in your travel bag and take along for those "uh oh, I need a poo!" moments :-) It's an eco friendly and biodegradable and the potty is plastic free.



What eco-friendly potty training tips do you have?

Are you hoping to do plastic-free potty training? Or are you actually doing it right now?! How is it going?

I would love to hear from you.

Good luck with potty training,



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