Plastic Free Christmas Gift Guide

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I'M DREAMING OF A PLASTIC FREE CHRISTMAS... just like the ones our foremothers and forefathers use to know...!

Check out the Plastic Free Baby Christmas Gift Guide here!

With Halloween and fireworks night done and dusted, it’s definitely time to start planning forward for Christmas I’d say! It’s less than 50 days away now. 

I’m putting a lot of effort this year into thinking of ways to have a sustainable and frugal plastic free christmas, and I’ll be posting a blog or two about this over the coming days before Christmas (at point of writing, 48 days, 14 hours, 55 minutes and 16 seconds! eeee!!!!).

I’m really pleased to share Plastic Free Baby’s very first Plastic Free Christmas Gift Guide! If you are looking for plastic-free christmas gifts for your baby and family, and want to make sustainable and green choices this Christmas to avoid buying plastic toot for your kids and loved ones, than have a little look at my plastic free christmas gift guide, as I hope that there will be some ideas in there for you! 

We’re also joined in this plastic free christmas gift guide by The Contented Company, who have some delightful eco-friendly gift options this year too, so be sure to check them out! 

I have carefully curated plastic free baby and kids gifts, gifts for the family, plastic free stocking fillers, plastic free gift sets, plastic free christmas decorations and more, to help you avoid plastics 

this season.

There’s something for everyone this Christmas at Plastic Free Baby:

Plastic Free Toys & Books

Plastic Free Stocking Fillers

Plastic Free Christmas Decorations

Plastic Free Gift Sets for Babies & Kids

Plastic Free Gift Sets for Mums & Mums-To-Be



Happy Plastic Free Christmas everyone!


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