Plastic free Christmas holiday activities to do with your little one!

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It’s Christmas! It’s cold! Let’s do something fun!

Here are a few activity ideas to do with your child this Christmas holiday! From baking cookies, to making your own stamp, and creative cards, involve your child in the Christmas spirit and let them have a blast!


  • Bake cookies. “MMMMM… Christmas!”

Let’s get into the Christmas spirit! Head to your local food market and get your ingredients! It’s time to start baking! …Just remember to take your own bags.

Buying your ingredients and spices to create the perfect dough is the best way to avoid pre- plastic wrapped cookies. Adding a bit of love to your hand-made biscuits always tastes better. Once your dough is done, help your little one’s shape and decorate!

From egg yolk, to natural food colouring such as beetroot juice, anything is possible. Use frozen berries to make the eyes, powdered sugar to make the snow and make your home smell of Christmas. MMMM… the taste of Christmas!


  • Create your own Christmas decorations!

What’s better than a house that smells of biscuits? One that feels like Christmas!

Things like tinsel and baubles are normally full of plastic. A nice little alternative is to hang home-made decorations. Between dried fruit slices passed through a string, painted pinecones and a mistletoe, your living room will become a forestry winter wonderland! Strings of popcorn and cranberries also add a bit of sparkle...

Don’t forget to add your Hessian Christmas Santa Sack to your fireplace or your personalised Woodland Animal Christmas Tree decoration.


  • Recycled Christmas Cards!

If you’re still a bit old school and prefer mailing your Christmas wishes, rather than saying it through an E-Card, you’ll be doing your part by using recycled paper. Give your Christmas cards the nostalgic feel using thick brown parcel paper tied in twine or cloth ribbon and glue on some seasonal greenery. Let your little one draw all over your heart-felt message to add some colour. Fun and stylish for everyone!


  • Stamp Time!

Now that your Christmas cards are done, why don’t you leave it up to the children to stamp all over them! Create your own unique stamps with a carved potato! Simply cut a big potato in half and carve one of the cut ends! Everyone loves a star, a candy cane or a little Christmas tree to add some cheer and festivity to your kind words. Make good use of your un-eaten fruit and veggies, use them as your stamp dye! Use beetroot as your vivid red, mashup carrots to get a nice orange, mix spinach or matcha powder to get a fresh green and use saffron or turmeric to make a glowy yellow. It’s time to joyfully stamp all over those cards!


Christmas is a time for love, laughter and cheer! I hope these plastic-free activities bring joy to your homes and have a wonderful holiday! Happy December everyone!

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