Taking plastic off the menu this Christmas!

Inexpensive sustainable and plastic free ideas for your Christmas dishes…

For the Dinner

Make sure you shop locally and in season. Don’t forget to take your own bags! (And your own containers if you’re going to your local butchers).

For the dinner table, have you ever thought of providing your little ones with bamboo cutlery instead of plastic ones? Take a look at it! 


For the Snacks

Crisp packets are currently not recyclable. The inside of the packets may look shiny and as though they’re made of foil but is actually a metallised plastic film! To reduce your plastic usage this Christmas why don’t you try making your own crisps and goodies! There are plenty of online recipes unique to your taste!!!

Christmas is a great excuse to feast on lots of chocolate treats! Why not try ‘Divine’ chocolate, it has recyclable packaging, is Fairtrade and also co-owned by local farmers!

For the Drinks

Avoid the bottle tops and screw caps with an inner plastic seal; instead, buy wine bottles with corks which are entirely sustainable. Buy beer in boxes to avoid those nasty plastic rings!

For the little ones, why buy squash and fruit juices when they’re not only high in sugars but are also packaged in single-use plastic bottles? Make them your own tasty iced tea! Simply prepare your tea and let it cool overnight. Add some Christmas spice and allow your little one to taste the feeling of winter!


For the Party

 Avoid using plastic cups or paper plates at your Christmas party.  Glasses are available for hire at your local Waitrose and Morrisons, and it’s free! Dodge plastic straws and try metal or bamboo ones instead too.

If you think your little ones are too young for glass cups, why don’t you give our eco-friendly cups a try? 

You can also get an eco-friendly supplies bundle for the kids party food!  


For the Leftovers (if there’s any!)

Use beeswax wrap to keep your leftovers fresh instead of cling film. Cling film is a single use plastic whereas beeswax wrap is reusable, washable and compostable!

Have a look at our DIY Wax Wrap Kit!


I hope you have a very happy christmas and a wonderful new year! But remember –

reducing your plastic usage is for life, not just for Christmas!

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