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Plastics can have a long-term effect on your baby’s health, so cutting down on plastics, particularly those that come into contact with you and your baby, is essential. It's a real bonus that making healthy choices for your baby so often equates also to making a healthy choice for Planet Earth.

As Earth Day, on the 22nd of April, approaches, now is the perfect time to make changes to your everyday life to keep both your baby and the planet happy. Children of all ages can begin to learn about the plastic in the world and its effects on our environment so throughout life they will make decisions that will improve the world. The Earth Day website is a great place for resources for your kids to use to learn about our climate, including climate civic toolkits and advocacy packets.






1) Use less water - sharing baths with your little ones is good for bonding and for water consumption! Two in one score!

2) Cut down on all plastics, not just single-use plastics - particularly those which come into contact with your baby, including single use plastics and plastics in everyday objects such as toys, dinnerware, potties, wipes, and so on. This reduces the toxic load that your little ones come into contact with daily and reduces plastic waste.

3) Go on an energy diet - we enjoy going round the house switching off buttons, switches and plugs (all adult supervised!) so we don't waste precious energy.

4) Plant things together and watch them grow - sewing seeds is a great thing to do together so children can begin to understand the importance of the conditions needed for our Earth and it’s plants to thrive. We have just sewn some cress seeds in a 2nd-hand pot from the local recycling centre. Finn loves seeing them grow and particularly enjoys watering!

5) Go on a nature walk - even if it’s just walking round the block, to spot nature around us, everywhere. Smell flowers together, spot birds, watch a bee on its travels, point to clouds and appreciate everything that the natural world has to offer on your doorstep. It’s the first step to becoming a mini Earth ambassador!



Especially for Earth Day, I am really pleased to launch a new book in our range, titled "A Planet Full of Plastic" by Neal Layton. This book is the perfect introduction to the Earth’s plastic problems for your little ones, Neal Layton’s brightly illustrated book explains the science behind why plastic does not biodegrade and what the consequences are for our planet, as well as offering countless ideas for how we can all help ease the crisis. This book is great for you to read together with your child or children as a bedtime story to educate children of all ages on the life cycle of plastic in our world and encourage them to want to make a difference.COSMETICS FOR A HAPPY EARTH & HAPPY BABY 

HAPPY BABY - The award-winning Solid Bar Company range is zero-waste, vegan, planet and baby friendly with no nasty chemicals and is palm oil free. The range features shampoo, conditioner, sleep easy balm, soothing skin balm, cuts and scrapes balm and soap.  This toxin free option is perfect for baby and for the whole family, and will keep you all safe from nasties often found in similar mass produced alternatives.

HAPPY EARTH - The Solid Bar Company only uses 100% vegan, and sustainable Ingredients. 100% plastic free packaging, and the tin is fully recyclable.



Teething can be a very difficult time to your baby and for you as a parent. Babies suffer a lot during this time and of course they cannot complain in any other way than crying and grumbling. As a parent, we all want to find things that reduce the babies pain and find ways to keep your baby relaxed.

HAPPY BABY - Boo the Bunny Rubber Teething Toy (a multi award-winning British designed teething toy) is a natural rubber teether, which means your baby can chew down on the toy to relieve the discomfort of teething and to chew on to pass the time too! Boo is made for your baby to reduce his/her pain by chomping down on the big Boo ears, made strong and flexibly for chewing. Unlike other plastic teethers available on the market, natural rubber teethers are non-toxic; they do not contain the same harmful leaching chemicals that are in the plastic alternatives, meaning that you know your baby will be safe from invisible harm as they chomp! One reviewer said "Brilliant teether, I’ve tried a few and the babies always go for this one. It’s a soft material which they like chewing and those ears are great for getting to back gums. Have recommended to other mums and it’s a friendly material."

HAPPY EARTH - This teether is made from a sustainable source of natural rubber from Malaysia, and as such is biodegradable and won't little the planet with yet more plastic. Plastics from toys can be very hard to recycle, because they are often made from a combination of different plastics in one toy. You make the Earth-friendly choice by choosing a natural material such as natural rubber.


Feeding your baby is the most fun and nerve-wracking experience for every parent! At 6 months of age, your baby needs a small amount of solid food as well as breast or bottled milk. Focusing on using plastic free products at this time will mean that your baby has healthier first-food experiences.

HAPPY BABY - This handcrafted ceramic baby weaning bowl to feed your 6 months baby instead of a plastic bowl that may harm your baby and the environment. You can smash a small amount of banana or berries or a mix of smashed vegetables for your baby in our bowls.

HAPPY EARTH - These plastic-free weaning bowls are made from the Earth itself, made as they are from natural earthenware clay. 


HAPPY BABY - Swaddle your baby with a soft blanket, or help cover yourself and your baby while breastfeeding, with a good quality blanket made from natural materials. These 100% cotton muslin swaddles are breathable, soft and durable. The more you wash, the softer they get. Cosy for you and for baby. 

HAPPY EARTH - these are not poly-fabrics, which contain plastic and generate microplastics.


And there's a good chance that having a happy baby and a happy Earth, will also mean at some point it results in a happy mum! :-)

What are you doing to make every day Earth day? 

Have you got any other Earth Day ideas or tips to share?


Founder of Plastic Free Baby


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